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Jolliff Glass Company is the leading supplier of quality auto glass in the greater Peoria area.

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Auto Glass Services in Peoria, Illinois

Windshields are made of safety glass - a special construction designed to offer optimum safety in a crash. Safety glass is made up of two pieces of glass, with a thin layer of vinyl sandwiched between them.

When a small object strikes a piece of safety glass, often only the first layer breaks. In a more severe impact, the glass "shatters" but doesn't fly apart. The broken pieces of glass adhere to the vinyl inner lining, preventing shards of glass from flying into the passenger area.

After installation, the technician performs a thorough cleanup of the vehicle and surrounding area. They also do an extensive post-inspection of vehicle and the installation itself.

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Tempered Glass (door glass, back glass, etc.) have been "tempered"...put through a special process where it is heated, then rapidly cooled.

This tempering process makes the glass up to ten times stronger than non-tempered glass of the same thickness.

Tempered glass doesn't shatter on impact. Rather, it disintegrates into dull-edged pieces, almost like pebbles. There are no large, jagged pieces of glass to injure the driver or passengers.

JOLLIFF follows car manufacturer's specifications and meets FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 212 and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 216).

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Jolliff Glass has the capacity to handle your emergency quickly & efficiently.

Jolliff Glass Company

There were no standards for auto glass replacement until Jolliff Glass Co. in Peoria, IL founded a national safety committee - AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council).

When you have the need for replacement or repair of your car windshield from rock chips, stone chip damage, or break-in damage to your car windows, choose the auto glass experts - choose Jolliff Glass.

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