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Jolliff Glass Company is the leading supplier of quality auto glass in the greater Peoria area.

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Frequently Asked Questions Windshield Repair

  1. I am not exactly sure if my windshield can be repaired. Specifically, what am I looking for as a candidate for repair? Most importantly, you want to make sure the damaged area is no larger than 1 1/4 inches or 3cm. Damage to your windshield that is greater than 1 1/4 inches or 3 cm., when repaired, can become unstable. Additionally, a large pit may spread during the repair process, growing worse under the high pressure needed to inject the damaged area. Certainly, the best way to determine if we can repair the damage is to stop by our location to have a Jolliff representative examine the break.

  2. How clear will my chip or pit be after repair? The damaged area will significantly clear after the repair. When cured, the polymer that is injected into the pit closely resembles the clarity of glass. It should be noted, the chip does not "disappear," but rather "hides." You will see something more like a shadow of where the pit was, with an approximate expected clarity of 75% - 95% from the original damage. The main objective in having an area repaired is stopping it from spreading further and cracking glass.

  3. I have taken a rock chip just above my steering wheel, in my line of vision. Can this area still be repaired? The safest answer is no. A rock chip in your line of vision, even when repaired, will distract your concentration on the road, bringing your focal point to the pit just a couple of feet from where you are sitting, rather than distanced on the road in front of the vehicle. If you are uncertain if your damaged area qualifies as a line of vision break, stop by our location to have a Jolliff representative examine the area.

  4. I have heard that cracks can be repaired. I have a 4 inch crack in the lower passenger corner, and my windshield was just replaced six weeks ago! Can you fix it for me? Yes and no. We cannot repair the crack, but can certainly try to stop it from spreading further by drilling to the laminate slightly in front of the crack itself. The intended result is that pressure in the shifting crack will be relieved by it traveling to the drill point in the first layer of glass. Injecting the crack with polymer does not strengthen the crack significantly and cracks do not hide as well as pit or chip breaks, meaning, you will still see the crack even after we drill. The process of drilling out a crack is risky, as the windshield is essentially already cracking, and Jolliff cannot guarantee any repair of this kind. In a sense, it is a last ditch effort at extending the life of a windshield. Expect a 60/40% success ratio in your favor. It can be nearly guaranteed that, if your windshield is cracked, the crack will continue to grow until it reaches an outside edge of the glass, unless the crack is relieved by the method described above.

  5. Can you do the work at my home or office? Most vehicles can be completed on a mobile basis! We offer free mobile service, pick-up and delivery service, six days per week. Please contact our customer service representatives for more information.

  6. Can your technician come to my home or office on snowy days? Is weather a factor in my repair? Weather is a factor in the repair of a windshield. The ideal repair environment will be dry and warm (critical to a safe repair, as cracks can spread when temperatures shift from cold to warm during repair process.) However, we can arrange to meet you at our Jolliff location.

  7. Does Jolliff Glass work with my insurance company or agent? Yes! We can assist you with all the reporting that is required. All you need is your policy number and the date of damage.

  8. Do you waive my insurance deductible? Many insurance companies waive deductibles for windshield repairs. We can inform you if you have this coverage.

  9. If my repair spreads or windshield becomes cracked after having it repaired, will Jolliff replace my windshield at no charge? We will credit the cost of the repair to the purchase of a new windshield.

  10. Will Jolliff guarantee a repair? Jolliff's work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with the repair result, bring it back into the shop you had do the repair, and we will take a look at your concern. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction on a repair that is larger than 1 1/4 inches or 3cm, or a windshield that is cracked prior to any repair attempt.

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There were no standards for auto glass replacement until Jolliff Glass Co. in Peoria, IL founded a national safety committee - AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council).

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